ShortPoint Company Update July 2021: A New Monthly Habit

Wondering what ShortPoint is up to and how it is fulfilling the promise it made to help you make gorgeous intranet sites easily and without code?

Our Founder and CEO, Sami AlSayyed, wants to let you know the answer to this question every month starting July. Our new monthly habit is to provide you with a fresh edition of the ShortPoint Company Update, a video containing valuable information about the product you use, the services we provide you, the company, and many more.

What is in store for you?

In these videos, you will get to know from Sami about the new features and releases ShortPoint has delivered as we continue to provide you with capabilities and functionalities most of which you requested to have.

You will also learn about what our brilliant engineers are working on and what to look forward to in the product. Maybe the next release contains that Design Element or feature that is most useful for you. All of these follow a road map that Sami will disclose as we move forward.

ShortPoint, as your partner in building intranet sites, and its brand is also evolving. You will find that we are serious about consistently providing you with the best support and resources. You will get to know what new services we can offer and what added value we can give to you outside of the product.

The most fun part about the ShortPoint Company Update is that Sami will be giving you some tips and advice that come from his own experiences as a leader and as a successful individual. These tips are applicable to your day-to-day dealings with work and life. They are practical solutions to problems that people face day in and day out. This is why we call this portion Sami’s Life Hacks.




We’d love to hear from you


We hope you find the first ShortPoint Company Update video interesting and informative. We look forward to releasing a new video every month. We are also happy to receive suggestions to make communicating with you better and get feedback from you. Just send us an email at [email protected].