ShortPoint Snapshot – April 2021

Dear ShortPoint Community,

We sincerely hope you had a wonderful time in April. This month we have a bunch of new great written tutorials for you. Our authors have created them with a thought to bring in a bit more tech sophistication to your Intranets. Also, enjoy the installation video makeover for Office 365. Installing ShortPoint has never been explained better. In the second part of the newsletter, we share our tips and tricks to keep teams engaged while working remotely, and introduce you to one of our very sporty team members.
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New Support Articles in April

Visual Builder articles:

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ShortPoint SPFx Installation Video for Office 365 (SharePoint Online) Remake

We are happy to announce that the ShortPoint SPFx installation video has been fully remade. Watch the brand new video that demonstrates the complete process of ShortPoint SPFx installation in Office 365 (SharePoint Online) environment:

And don’t forget to check out the updated tutorial articles in our Knowledge base. Here’s where to start: ShortPoint SPFx Installation in Office 365 (First Time).

April Tech Tip: Freshen Up Your Tabs Look With Custom CSS

Setting up your SharePoint pages layout is essential for creating intranets. ShortPoint Tabs Design Element is used to make a page layout more organized. Using Tabs is very convenient for grouping content or connecting related information.

By adding more customization to Tabs, you can brush up their look. Here is when the Custom CSS comes in handy:



Interviews and Associations: Fun Team Activities You Can Do Remotely

For many people that are used to the office routine, adjusting to the remote workstyle could be stressful. Working remotely means not only dealing with constant connection, camera and sound issues, or keeping your family members occupied (preferably in another room) while you are working, but also not having a real face-to-face interaction with your colleagues. And that can make one pretty sad and lonely.

ShortPoint has always been a remote company. We’d like to share how we make our daily meetings at ShortPoint interactive and fun. One of the nice initiatives we had was the interviews in Q&A format. Every team member received a set of anonymous questions from the team that were answered during 10-15 minutes of the meeting. Now, as we know many interesting and fun facts about each other, we are playing a name-association game. The goal is to give associations for randomly chosen people from your team as quickly as possible. These fun activities make us feel united and boost up the positive mood.

The Faces of ShortPoint

Meet Ryan, Our Senior Account Manager

Today we’d like to tell you about Ryan, our Senior Account Manager. Ryan joined our sales team in 2020. His mission is to get more people familiar with ShortPoint, show the awesome designing features our product has to offer to make SharePoint intranets stand out. Since early childhood Ryan was a sporty guy. He played different sports growing up, in particular tennis and rugby, which is almost like religion for South Africa, where Ryan is originally from. After finishing school, Ryan played Division 1 Tennis at University in California on a tennis scholarship. He was a number one tennis player (under 18) in the UAE and even played a game with a famous tennis professional Roger Federer. So to say that Ryan loves and knows how to do sports is to say nothing.

Always being active is a life motto for Ryan. Golfing is his favorite activity for the weekend. He also likes fishing, and even tried shark cage diving – an activity that might sound pretty dangerous to some people. Apart from doing sports, Ryan is also interested in technologies and medicine, robotics and genetics in particular. He believes that we will see its exponential growth in the nearest future. Among other hobbies, Ryan likes traveling. Nowadays, Ryan enjoys exploring the diversity of Dubai, where he lives with his beautiful wife Najla and adorable daughter Lara. He is learning now how much we sometimes take our health and the little things for granted. Ryan feels being more grateful than ever before for the basic things he would have overlooked in the past. If you ask Ryan for advice it would be this: “Chase your passion whatever it is and enjoy your life because you only have one”.

See you in May!

More exciting news are planned for May. Stay tuned! And if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please send us a note. We love to hear from you.

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