ShortPoint Snapshot – July 2020

Dear ShortPoint Community,

This sweet month of July, we continue to work on product improvements while we hope you enjoy the upgraded ShortPoint SPFx version containing many requested improvements and bug fixes.

Our newly created small, but prolific content writing team has prepared many great support solutions for you. We dedicated this to RSS and REST API connection types, Alerts Element, as well as documented the Page Builder Element Interface thoroughly. Talk about an in depth look at the details that matter! Also, we invite you to expand your knowledge about our Visual Builder and ShortPoint for Microsoft Teams.

Fast forward as we continue to focus on the performance and speed of our product. We can’t wait to present the upcoming release and promote your user experience to the next level.

Stay tuned in with ShortPoint as we keep you engaged, informed and moving ahead. I wish you a wonderful month of July, filled with beautiful Intranet pages and smooth design experience.

Oksana Aloshyna
Customer Support Manager

New Support Articles

Detailed Instructions on Page Builder
Element Interface Tabs



Learn how to add, duplicate, reorder and delete items in this article:
Adding, Duplicating, Moving and Deleting Items in ShortPoint Design Elements



Find info on how to control visibility of your ShortPoint Elements, Sections, Rows or Columns for
both users and devices: Managing Visibility of ShortPoint Elements



Some ShortPoint Elements like Image, Section, Image, Background, Text, Row and Column have a Spacing tab. Learn how to take advantage of paddings and margins in elements here: Managing Paddings and Margins for ShortPoint Elements



Enjoy a brand new ShortPoint Connect tutorial rewritten to include all the perks of the new UX:
ShortPoint Connect: Basic Tutorial


Custom CSS

The custom CSS tab in ShortPoint elements allows you to tweak anything that is not included in the standard element features. Tutorial here: Custom CSS Tab for ShortPoint Design Elements

Articles About Migration

Companies all over the globe constantly look for better intranet solutions. You might want to move your intranet environment from SharePoint On-Premise to SharePoint Online, or from SharePoint 2013 to 2016 or 2019. ShortPoint supports migration and can be perfectly transferred to a new environment with tools such as ShareGate or Metalogix. We have prepared a set of articles for you to make it easier to migrate your ShortPoint designs into another environment:

Other articles published in July


Custom CSS Tutorials:

Connect Feature Tutorials:

ShortPoint “Alerts” Element Tutorials:

Stream Video Tutorials:

Useful How-To’s:

Latest Video

Click to watch our latest video demonstrating how the new Connect Feature UX can make your life easier by providing a more intuitive and helpful connection interface.

The Faces of ShortPoint

Meet Den, ShortPoint UI/UX Designer


We love our team members, and want you to personally meet the awesome people that work hard to make ShortPoint so amazing. Today, please meet Den – our Senior UI/UX Designer. You can thank Den for creating most of the visuals you see in our product, as well as most of the Demos Website designs.
Den lives in Lviv, Ukraine. He loves extreme sports activities, cycling, hiking in the mountains,
good music and, of course, designing.

ShortPoint SPFx Update

On June 2, we released ShortPoint version to address a lot of important bug fixes.
If you haven’t yet, you’re welcome to download the new version from our official website.

Here is the full list of improvements:

  • Link column for Table Design Element will work correctly after navigating between Table pages.
  • Panel Design Element styles (e.g. Shadow) will work consistently across all browsers.
  • Counter Boxes Design Element from now on will show all values, including 0.
  • HTML content from connections will now display correctly in Tiles description.
  • Table Design Element will no longer interrupt “Single line of text” column values into digits and will display the same values as in the list to which it is connected.
  • Open field of Toggles Design Element will work correctly once dynamically connected.
  • Accordions Design Element will work correctly after refreshing / reloading the pages.
  • Color Palette settings in the Theme Builder will now be disabled on Associated sites to inherit from the Hub site.
  • “Hide Header” option in the Theme Builder will no longer hide content (Search, App Launcher, Settings, etc.) from the Office 365 Suite Bar.
  • Enabling “Hide Followers” + “Hide Author” + “Hide Members” will not hide the Search Bar in Modern Communication Sites.
  • Errors during installation caused by script references loaded from root site collection when the user does not have permissions to the root site are fixed.
  • Connecting to a list with the Publishing Images column will now work correctly in Internet Explorer.
  • Deleted recurring items will no longer be shown in the Events Design Element.
  • Corrected some typos in the Page Builder Design Element interfaces.
  • Table Design Element with a big amount of columns will be now displayed correctly in the content box.
  • Image Carousels Design Element inserted inside Tabs will be editable and work properly.
  • Full Screen sections will properly take full screen width on Team Sites with a hidden side panel.
  • If both Panel and List Design Elements inside Panel are connected, no duplicate items will be shown.

What’s Next


Performance Improvements


Soon to come – the big release that we have internally called ShortPoint Lockdown release. We are preparing some MASSIVE speed improvements. Recently our engineers found a way to speed up the Events Element connection and make it load almost 30 times faster! Take a look at this:


Visual Builder


Our engineers have been seeing things. Don’t worry, we mean daydreaming and re-thinking how to create a completely new design experience for you. Step by step, we are working around the clock to accomplish this goal. Keep your eyes open, it is coming soon!

ShortPoint for Microsoft Teams


Teamwork really does make the dream work. We developed new beautiful templates specifically created to fit team needs in Microsoft Teams. In this product, unlike what we are used to, the templates will be available not only in the Demos Website, but from the product as well:

We Love Your Feedback

Let me guess, you want more helpful tips and exciting news… but you are just going to have to wait for next month’s newsletter! :) We promise it will be worth the wait. In the meantime, you can advance with all of the great articles and tutorials from above.

Make sure to share any feedback, requests and success stories with us. None of this could be possible without you.

See you next month, ShortPoint hero!