ShortPoint Snapshot – November 2021

Dear ShortPoint Community,

Do you see the cold winter coming slowly but confidently? Prepare your tea mugs and turn on the heating. In the month of November, we are warming you up with the visual content. Check our second audition of Company Update with Sami, and discover how we are maintaining work-life balance with a 4-day work week policy. ⏲️

A bunch of new, fresh from the oven tutorials are already there waiting for you to try them out. It took our content team some baking, grilling, frying, and steaming to make them, and, trust us, the result is indeed well-done. At ShortPoint we take content readiness seriously 😊

As a monthly tech tip, we would like to shed light on the SharePoint hub sites and inheritance, and how it can be applicable when using ShortPoint.

Finally, we are bringing you some more warmth by introducing our ShortPoint Consultant from the warmest African continent. ☀️

Take good care of yourselves and see you next month! 🎄




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Customer Support Expert & Product Content Writer

Tutorials in September

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New Company Video

The second edition of ShortPoint Company Update is out! Test the risk-free beta version of ShortPoint Visual Builder in Sandbox mode, check the all-new website jam-packed with information about ShortPoint, and get to know another life hack from Sami – #I-Am-Here. Don’t hesitate and check out the video right now!


November Tech Tip:
Hub Sites and Inheritance

If you have ever created a SharePoint subsite or used a SharePoint hub site with associated site collections, you may have wondered how ShortPoint will work with these two site relationships. There will be different settings inherited from the parent site, depending on if you are using a subsite or a hub-associated site. Let’s break down the main differences.


Hub Sites:

  • When ShortPoint is installed on the hub site, the associated site collection(s) will only inherit the SharePoint hub site’s navigation and ShortPoint Theme Builder color palette settings.
  • All other Theme Builder settings and any Design Elements/Footers created using Generator will not be inherited.
  • You will not be able to stop the inheritance to customize the color palette from your associated site, since the SharePoint site theming feature is designed by Microsoft to be inherited in all associated site collections from your hub site.

With both scenarios, this inheritance is useful to more quickly and effectively unify your branding across multiple SharePoint sites.

In addition, Microsoft has published several articles to help you learn more about hub sites, including What is a SharePoint hub site?, How to Create a hub site in SharePoint, and How to Associate a SharePoint site with a hub site.

Officially a 4-day Work Week Company

Hot news: for almost three months already, ShortPoint has been officially a 4-day work week company 😍 We don’t believe in more hours, we believe in better focus. Skyrocket results, a productive and happy team and more quality personal time – these are just some perks of our new rules. Check out Sami’s announcement video to know more about the life-work balance at ShortPoint.

The Faces of ShortPoint

Meet Glenn, Our ShortPoint Consultant

If you’ve attended our News Connections webinar in June, you had a chance to meet Glenn, our ShortPoint Consultant. Today, we’d like you to get to know him better. As you probably already guessed, Glenn is a member of our Product team. He joined ShortPoint almost a year ago from Cameroon.

If you’ve never been to Cameroon, Glenn suggests you definitely visit it. Despite being a small country, it is multicultural and has plenty of options to offer its visitors. If you are a mountain fan like Glenn, you can take a hike to Fako mountain. If you are into resting, mini-zoos, beaches with beautiful white sands and tasty dishes are waiting for you. Glenn is a huge fan of food, by the way. If you need a traditional dish recommendation, try eru. Glenn likes exploring new food places where he can try some nice dishes. We wish a quick expansion of his travel map, so that some of his time will be spent on gastronomic tours across the planet.

Like many other guys on this planet, Glenn adores soccer. No wonder why his favorite video games are also soccer ones, like FIFA. Another thing that Glenn likes to do is reading. He likes various genres, and when the title of the book looks interesting, he most probably would go for it.

Time flies for Glenn when he has a really productive day. Imagine, he can even work at night without getting exhausted or sleepy. This is what you get when you are working on a task that carries you away 😅 Luckily, we have a 4-day work week at ShortPoint, so Glenn’s sleep is not interrupted by interesting tasks that often.

In around 5 years, Glenn is planning to own a small business that would help other people and make their lives easier. Indeed, even though adulthood smothers a lot of passions, we as human beings cannot stop dreaming and creating plans for a better future. And this is what actually makes us a better version of ourselves.

See you in December!

More exciting news are planned for December. Stay tuned! And if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please send us a note. We love to hear from you.

See you next month, ShortPoint hero!