ShortPoint Snapshot – March 2020

Hello! My name is Oksana. I am happy to be a part of the ShortPoint Support team for over two years now. It is likely that we have met each other before on support calls and in forum replies. Today, I am beyond grateful to connect with you using this newsletter to present important ShortPoint news and updates.

These days the entire world is experiencing a difficult time full of uncertainty and fear. The idea of this newsletter started prior to Covid-19, social distancing, closed borders, isolation and quarantine. ShortPoint understands the importance of community and helping each other during difficult times. Now more than ever, I believe in the power and benefits of remote workplaces and intranets. We would like to offer extra help with team sites, especially since most companies are in critical and urgent need for a successful team site.

This newsletter will offer you some useful insights to get the most out of your collaboration experience. I sincerely hope you and your loved ones are staying safe, and that you receive this newsletter in good health and high spirits.

Oksana Aloshyna
Customer Support Manager

You can watch a short video about me here.

Remote Work Best Practices

We are so grateful that ShortPoint has always been a fully remote-based company. We understand that because of the Covid-19 quarantine, many companies are struggling to transition their business from an office to a home.

We want to contribute and share our expertise in organizing a remote workplace by sharing our
Remote Work Best Practices presentation.

Our CEO Sami demonstrates some of the core workflows, routines and softwares that allow us to stay organized while working from home. We are happy to share our expertise so that you can pick up the ideas that might be useful for your situation.

We hit GOLD!
ShortPoint Is a Microsoft Gold Partner

We are proud to announce that in March 2020 ShortPoint became a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner.  ShortPoint demonstrated the highest standards of compliance with Microsoft’s rigorous demands for SharePoint app development.

ShortPoint Prague Diaries

Our team visited the beautiful old city of Prague to sponsor ESPC19. We had a blast meeting our customers, making new friends, receiving useful feedback and… showing off our amazing booth.
Check out the adventures of ShortPoint at ESPC19:

Feature Highlight:
ShortPoint Generator

I’m sure you have already heard of, or used ShortPoint Generator. Today, we will go further and dive deep into its most powerful features with you.  You are welcome to check the webinar recording from our CEO Sami AlSayyed, where he gives a user-case oriented, advanced demo Generator:

Feature Highlight:
PowerApps Design Element

Meet the highly requested PowerApps integration in ShortPoint Page Builder
(available in ShortPoint SPFx starting from version

But wait, there is more! That is not all we prepared for you as new design elements…

Say hello to Microsoft Teams
Integration in SharePoint using
the Teams Design Element

Microsoft Teams is winning over the love of corporate customers all over the globe.  We thought it would be great to show Teams of your organization or Teams you are part of in your intranet along with features such as Channels, Tabs, Documents, Planner Tasks and Members. Meet the Microsoft Teams integration in ShortPoint Page Builder (available in ShortPoint SPFx starting from version

Teams Integration Demo

ShortPoint for Microsoft Teams
Are you ready to level up?

Have you heard? ShortPoint is about to become available on Microsoft Teams! We want you to take your team collaboration to the next level using ShortPoint Page Builder Elements to build pages inside Microsoft Teams.

Best Support Articles and Videos
From March

Coming Soon to a Computer
Near You!

Our upcoming ShortPoint SPFx release will focus on the highly requested Page Builder improvements.

We are preparing to present the Code Design Element to give users an opportunity to use it as Script Editor for Modern SharePoint pages and embed third-party content into the page, as well as be able to run JavaScript on the page.

The Image Design Element is another surprise we are working on just for you. Not only will you be able to add responsive images to your Pages, but you can even add panoramic images, AND let your users view them in a nice 360° panoramic view.

With the Text Design Element you will be able to write and post content directly into your pages. The content will automatically inherit your Theme Builder Typography settings, including your custom fonts. You can even bring dynamic content from your libraries and display it as pure text – without any workarounds!

Some visual and functional improvements are coming your way in Page Builder for the following elements: Alert, Text-show, Ticket, Lists and Youtube.

We re-invented the Connect Feature and will present a completely new approach to manage connected content from the Settings interface of all elements. From now on, you will enjoy more control and preciseness to handle your connections.

Also, we will bring improvements to the Events Design Element:

  • At last, we made the highly requested Outlook Calendar connection possible! Display My Events, Group Events and Shared Events from Outlook in ShortPoint Design Elements.
  • The Days Limit idea proved itself unsuccessful at this moment. We listened to you, our customers, and by your request we brought back the Items Limit (instead of Days Limit!) In the meantime we will continue to slave away until we get it right. I know, I know… please be patient :)
  • Recurring events: you will be able to choose between showing only one occurrence of recurring events or multiple.
  • Time zone preferences: you will be in control of showing events from a particular time zone.

Sneak Peek into the
Intranet Visual Builder

And lastly, get the inside scoop on the tricks our team has been practicing
to make designing pages with ShortPoint feel like MAGIC.

Get ready to time travel… soon, hitting the preview button will feel like something from the past!

We are working on SharePoint Intranet Visual Builder that will change the way teams design their sites.


Stay safe. Stay positive. Stay awesome.

See you in April! 😀