Let’s talk about how important is versatility in creating your own web page without the help of a colleague from the IT department.

Versatility is the new black in the field of web design

In our previous article, we used a general approach in discussing the importance of using a web design solution for the intranet that both follows trends and sets new ones. So let’s focus on particular situations today and talk about how important it is for a web design solution to be adaptable to the needs of every user. Or in this case, employee. In other words, how important is versatility in creating your web page without the help of a colleague from the IT department.

The intranet of an agile company should be informative, by showing news and events, but it also has to offer mobility and connectivity. The first one is self-explanatory. Modern employees are no longer stuck at their desk, and they need to be able to access information and documents on the go. The second one means that they need to be able to use the intranet as a digital workspace. And they can do this by efficiently presenting information from other sources as well.

When it comes to web pages, it’s not just about the text and images presented, but the entire user experience (UX), which has to be seamless.

Web design versatility

Well, ShortPoint offers all this and much more. It helps users publish content that offers a beautiful UX, and that is presented in a modern design.

By connecting with any SharePoint contents, as well as external sources, ShortPoint allows users to present data in any design. Moreover, users can integrate with any source of data and present it in any design!

ShortPoint also includes the so-called ‘Insert’ feature, which means that it can be instantly added to SharePoint, Office 365 and SAP HANA Cloud Platform, with no need for IT infrastructure changes or further investments. This makes the product available immediately for any employee who needs to create a web page. Talk about integration!

Also, one of the newest and most innovative features is, of course, ‘Copy & Paste.’ You know how every year various publications pick the best WordPress themes and include them in a top? We’re trying to do something similar with this feature. Namely, to choose the best practices in web design and include them in a database, so that people can browse and pick what best suits their needs. Think of it as knowledge sharing.

Although the copy-paste function has become available for computers in the ‘70s and gained popularity in the ‘80s, it is entirely new in web design. Users have access to a library of designs, from which they can copy any part of the page and paste it in their SharePoint or SAP website in just two clicks.

Why is versatility important?

Let’s take the example of an employee in the marketing department. Let’s say he has to create a landing page for an event, despite lacking coding skills. In this case, it would be better if he had a ton of preset options from which to choose, right? Well, he can visit the demos website, copy the template he needs, then paste it on the company’s portal. And just like that, the event page can go live in just a few minutes!

Another proof of its versatility is its forced responsive design feature. Raise your hand if you ever had to view a web page on the intranet while running late for a meeting and having to use your mobile phone. I think we all know the nightmare of having to zoom in and out or scroll up and down on the smartphone’s screen to get to that one piece of information we need. As previously mentioned, mobility is something that every company should take into account if they want to increase the productivity of employees. So ShortPoint makes sure that the quality of the user experience is the same on desktop, mobile or tablet.

Not just a product that helps you design beautiful web pages

We understand that the users are not looking just for a product that helps them design beautiful web pages. What they are looking for is a complete solution that enables them to personalize the design and go live in no time, while also benefiting from support services.

Therefore, we are continuously working on improving our product and increasing its versatility by adding more features. This way, the web design activity becomes available for any employee in a company, not just those in IT.