ShortPoint 6.2 Release Notes

ShortPoint Theme Builder
is now SPFx Ready!

Use ShortPoint Theme Builder Now
On Modern SharePoint Pages

Coming soon for SharePoint 2019

Modern SharePoint Pages Support In ShortPoint

The wait is over! We are happy to announce that now you can use ShortPoint Theme Builder for branding awesome sites on Modern SharePoint. Unleash the true power of Modern SharePoint with ShortPoint 6!

Upgrade to ShortPoint SPFx 6.2

Change Fonts

Changing fonts is now easier than ever on Modern Sites and Pages.
Choose from 800+ most popular web fonts.

ShortPoint SPFx

Color Palette

Create and apply your brand colors to Modern SharePoint sites.
Generate all shades of your brand color with a single click!

ShortPoint SPFx

Hide And Show Elements

Hide or show menu, ribbon, top menu, left menu and all other elements on your
modern SharePoint site.

ShortPoint SPFx

Modern SharePoint Footer

Add ShortPoint footer to Modern SharePoint Site just in few seconds.

ShortPoint SPFx

Move To Top

No need to scroll long pages over and over again.
Just click on this button – and you will reach the top of your page.

ShortPoint SPFx

ShortPoint SPFx

ShortPoint Modern Theme Builder for Modern SharePoint Sites

We want to make your experience with ShortPoint Modern Theme Builder for Modern SharePoint Sites very smooth and easy.

Getting Started with ShortPoint Modern Theme Builder



  • Migration from ShortPoint Add-In to ShortPoint SPFx is now a part of the installation process
  • Improvements in upgrading and reinstalling ShortPoint
  • Improvements in One Click Upgrade
  • Performance improvements


  • Fixed issue with cut slideshows in full-width sections on modern pages
  • Fixed issue with non-ASCII characters in ShortPoint username
  • Fixed issue with user fields rendered as [object Object] when connected to SharePoint list in some cases
  • Fixed issue with copying of components with visibility options
  • Fixed issue with child elements of connected generated ShortPoints that were not displayed on the page
  • Fixed issue when Generator page didn’t allow editing of generated ShortPoints
  • Fixed issue with rendering of maps
  • Fixed issue with YouTube fullscreen videos
  • Fixed issue with force-top option in Menu
  • Fixed issue with tabs rendering, which did not work if visibility settings of any child element were set
  • Fixed issue with SharePoint table breaking if placed within a ShortPoint row
  • Fixed issue with the editing of elements
  • Fixed issue with the color coding of events
  • Fixed issue with redirects from pages when MDS is enabled and theme customizations is initiated
  • Fixed issue with the resetting of custom logo URL and custom logo image
  • Fixed issue with ribbon which was not fully responsive on extra small screens
  • Fixed issue with slideshow images not showing on the page in Internet Explorer

ShortPoint SPFx Release Notes

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