ShortPoint Snapshot – February 2022

Dear ShortPoint Community,

As the month of love winds down, we share your enthusiasm and passion for a collaborative, engaged, and inclusive workplace. We bring you new resources that get you up to speed about making a fully accessible user experience with ShortPoint Accessibility. We have news about ShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode and a new features request platform you can soon use. We also provide you with tutorials that highlight the different copy and paste experiences we will soon have in the upcoming major update of ShortPoint.

Excited about things up ahead! Until next time.



Yvette Tunguia
Content Unit Manager, ShortPoint

Tutorials in February

ShortPoint Accessibility Now Live!


Take a step towards ensuring that your intranet site is inclusive and fully accessible to all your users. ShortPoint Accessibility is now available in the latest public release. It aims to provide you with a comprehensive, AI-powered, and automated accessibility solution that helps you make all your pages compliant with WCAG, ADA, and other international accessibility standards.

Learn more about how ShortPoint Accessibility works by checking out our website, support articles and our recorded webinar.

What’s Coming Up?

Live Mode Will Fly in April

With the final bolts and screws being fitted, the ShortPoint Page Builder major update, which includes the much-awaited Live Mode, will be publicly released in April. So strap yourselves in for one of the most exciting enhancements in ShortPoint history.

If you want to learn more about the upcoming update, feel free to browse through our support articles about ShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode found in our Knowledge Base.



Feature Requests Platform You Will Love

We are committed to making ShortPoint products competitive, value-adding, and easy to use. By listening to your feedback and feature requests, we can stay true to this commitment and address your needs as they arise.

As a top priority, we are implementing a new feature request channel where you can provide us with your insights, use cases, feature requirements, and more. It also offers transparency about what features we are currently working on, timely updates about your feature requests, and where product development is generally headed.

Watch out for more information about this cool platform coming your way soon.


Copy and Paste Your Way to a Gorgeous

Intranet Site

One of ShortPoint’s best features is the Copy and Paste functionality. It enables intranet designers to easily and quickly create engaging and beautiful SharePoint sites by copying design templates from our Demos library or existing pages and pasting them into a new page within a few clicks.

With the introduction of ShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode and the enhancements to Grid Mode in the current beta release, we’ve gone in and published video tutorials to walk you through the new features and similarities between the editing interfaces. We hope you find the tutorials useful as you transition to the new ShortPoint Page Builder version and make you ready to embrace the rest of the exciting features it offers that will surely elevate your SharePoint designing experience moving forward.

The Faces of ShortPoint

Meet Janelle, Our QA Specialist

At ShortPoint, we do not release a new update or product fix without our quality guardians testing and evaluating that our product works at its best, as it should. Today, let us get to know Janelle, our QA Specialist and a member of our powerhouse Quality Team who works out of Laguna in the Philippines.

Janelle enjoys meticulously testing new product features and releases. It provides her an avenue to continuously learn and improve her skills. But when asked about what she loves most about her job, she highlights the great colleagues she has at ShortPoint who are like family and that the company truly cares about its employees.

Janelle is a mother of two, Stefan and Seah, and a fur mom of their dog Sup (short for Supreme) who she considers as her third child. Her husband operates a local clothing store and the family also runs a small restaurant that serves delicious Filipino dishes. They love to travel to farms and beaches, stay in hotels, and create memories together. She is looking forward to having a repeat of their Bohol (a popular tourist destination in the Philippines) experience which was a very good mix of beach and forest they truly enjoyed. During her downtime, Janelle enjoys putting together scrapbooks. We look forward to seeing what memories she preserves in them.

See you in March!

More exciting news are planned for March. Stay tuned! And if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please send us a note. We love to hear from you.

See you next month, ShortPoint hero!