Visual Builder Beta is Finally HERE!

Thank you for your patience while we polished up our Visual Builder Beta release. We are happy to announce Beta access is finally available and you can try it for yourself.

How to Upgrade to the Visual Builder Beta:

If you haven’t installed ShortPoint yet, here are the tutorials for Office 365 and for SharePoint 2019.

If you already have ShortPoint installed, please follow these steps:

  • Go to Site Contents, then open the ShortPoint Dashboard and select the Upgrade page.
  • Please note, you will need to disable Auto Upgrade if you have it enabled.
  • Select Beta as the Upgrade option.
  • Click Sandbox Mode (Beta) to test in a sandbox environment; Or,
  • Click Upgrade to Beta to switch to the new building experience.

More information on upgrading, as well as known issues and limitations of the Visual Builder Beta release can be found in this support article: Expectations from Visual Builder Beta Release.

If you experience any issues in the Beta, or you have some suggestions, we would love for you to send us a support ticket and share your opinion there. We ask that you please start your ticket subject with VB Beta: so we can easily identify those requests. Tickets can be submitted here.

We hope you love the ShortPoint Visual Builder Beta as much as we do 😉