The Visual Builder Webinar Recap

We hope you liked the Visual Builder Webinar. In case you want to re-watch, or you couldn’t attend it, we have prepared the video recording for you as well as some Q&A’s you might find useful. Enjoy and stay tuned for the new webinars! 😊


Video Recording


Q&As on Visual Builder

Q: If I am an existing customer will I be charged separately for Visual Builder

A: No, the Visual Builder is just another ShortPoint SPFx release and there are no additional costs or licenses. Visual Builder will be available for all existing and new customers without extra charges.

Q: Will the Visual Builder be supported on on-premise environments?

A: ShortPoint Visual Builder will be available for SharePoint On-Premise 2019.

Q: Does the new way of previewing the web part work for a full width (communication) website?

A: Yes, all ShortPoint Visual Builder features will be available for all Modern SharePoint sites. We recommend the full width Communication Site because it gives you full flexibility with ShortPoint.

Q: How can I start using the Visual Builder on my site?

A: The Visual Builder is currently available in beta. You can request access here:

Q: Once the visual builder is live, will it be deployed automatically if I have auto upgrades for ShortPoint on my tenant?

A: Yes, but we recommend that you upgrade to Visual Builder in sandbox mode first, to make sure everything works well.

Q: Will the connect feature be available within the Visual Builder?

A: The connect feature in Visual Builder will be implemented, but just a bit later and not in the initial version. Before that, you can connect through the Wireframe interface and then make live changes to the connected elements in the Visual Builder.

Q: Is Visual Builder compatible with IE? What browsers should I use with the Visual Builder?

A: Yes, all our designs are compatible with IE and are rendered without any issue in all of the popular browsers. However, for the process of editing and designing the pages, we recommend using Edge and Google Chrome.

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