Visual Builder Design History: View and Restore Design Edits in an Instant

Every step in editing your SharePoint intranet page is important. Taking a design element and customizing it to find the best way to present the content you wish to highlight involves several edits. You may need to modify different aspects of your layout and design elements many times, taking care to choose the perfect mix. With ShortPoint Visual Builder, you have the facility to go back and forth on your design decisions with ease and convenience. It provides a version history that helps when you need to take back a few steps to be able to move forward with a better iteration.

Design History: Recording Edits Over Time For Better Control

All edits made with the ShortPoint Visual Builder are stored making it easy to backtrack and restore from a specific change that was made. Whenever you add a ShortPoint design element, revise content, modify some settings, and customize specific features you will find them recorded in the Design History window.

Evaluating where you made adjustments to see what can be improved can be done in a flash. Taking back modification errors is effortless and restoring previous versions of your work will not be complicated and time-consuming. In addition, reloading the page you are working on, accidentally closing it, or unexpected browser crashes will not affect the stored information allowing you to continue where you left off.

Quick Access to Edit History

All design states and steps you have taken while editing your SharePoint page can be viewed from the Floating Page Settings bar. This provides you immediate and constant access to review your design changes. Each item contains specific information about the item you modified, what settings you changed, and when this was completed.


Revert to a Previous Version at Any Time

Jump back and recover an earlier version of ShortPoint design elements immediately by selecting the last action you want to keep. If you want to discard some of the adjustments you took to arrive at the current version of your design, easily trace back your steps and start from a point you want to proceed with.


Look out for the next blog. We have a lot more to cover about ShortPoint Visual Builder and its exciting features that are bound to make the experience of designing SharePoint intranet sites for your organization a breeze.

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