ShortPoint Snapshot – January 2021

Dear ShortPoint Community, 

Happy to meet you in the new year of 2021! I really hope you had warm celebrations and a lifted mood throughout the whole holiday season.
In this newsletter, check out what surprises ShortPoint has prepared for its family members and supporters. Check a couple of new tutorials on the upcoming Visual Builder and other product features. See the evolution of ShortPoint interface from 2015 to the future. And, as always, meet one team member, without whom ShortPoint would not be possible.
Wishing you a peaceful February!

Kind Regards,
Oksana Aloshyna
Customer Support & Success Manager

Winter Holiday Presents

ShortPoint has surprised its family members these winter holidays. Boxes with gifts were sent to all employee locations on the globe, including faraway spots.

Receiving a real box with presents you can touch, wear and use in your daily life immersed us all into an experience of exchanging holiday gifts, a nice warm tradition, one of those we were missing so much in 2020. We’re inviting you to share these emotions with us.

Evolution of ShortPoint

Old UX alert! Whether you’ve been with us for years already or you just bought the license yesterday, take a look at this impressive and funny time-lapse that shows how ShortPoint interface was changing gradually since 2015.

The Faces of ShortPoint

Meet Serhiy, Our Co-Founder and Senior Software Engineer

Today, we’d like to tell you about Serhiy, one of our co-founders, and an engineer who was there since ShortPoint was a small startup. Serhiy took part in designing ShortPoint architecture and solved advanced problems with the software. Also, Serhiy has brought bright talents to the company and founded the Ukrainian part of our international team. Serhiy is passionate about machine learning and data science. Serhiy lives in the city of Lviv with his wonderful family. He is passionate about trail running, marathon running, hiking and outdoor activities.

January Tutorials

Visual Builder

Very soon, you will be upgraded to the new Visual Builder experience. And before that happens, Migrating into ShortPoint Visual Builder article will show you what to expect.
If you want to know some basic principles of Visual Builder, please check Getting Started: The Basics of Visual Builder. We are now preparing video tutorials and product tours to make the learning process super smooth and easy.

Other tutorials

Coming up

All tutorials in the Theme Builder category is currently under reconstruction. Our writers are creating up-to-date tutorials to reflect the modern-version experience.

See you in February!

More exciting news are planned for February. Stay tuned! And if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please send us a note. We love to hear from you.

See you next month, ShortPoint hero!